In 2021 we saw a sea shift of people changing their lifestyles and adopting healthy life choices due to the ongoing pandemic. This has given birth to a new cohort of consumers who are proactive in staying healthy through wellness-oriented products. These include demand for regular engagement regimes to monitor their physical and mental health, choosing technology-powered apps and wellness coaches in virtual or physical forms to guide them. We with ICICI Lombard wanted to make their life a little easier with the help of technology.

So, this World Heart Day, we introduced the new ‘Cal Scan’ feature to their signature health and wellness app ‘IL TakeCare’. Where people can go and track their calorie intake and get tips on how to burn them and stay fit on a regular basis.

We created two ad films to promote the feature, encapsulating the significance of eating the right amount of calories on the backdrop of a busy lifestyle characterised by faulty food habits, high-calorie intake and a sedentary lifestyle, partially aggravated by the pandemic lockdown. Through this campaign, the brand brings to life World Heart Federation’s theme for 2021, which focuses on harnessing the power of digital health to improve awareness, prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases.

Ad films for Youtube and other social media platforms

We created a world of playful Heart characters doing different activities to show the users how to burn those calories.

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